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What is?

Video Wall

Should I click the report ad to virool or just to you.

On the Virool ads you should click the report ad to virool

Can I make money with the new Video Wall?

Yes, the Video Wall is a new script add-on for PTC sites. It is included here for beta testing. We are working closely with the Video Wall script creator to improve it. Should the script fail, we are NOT responsible for any damages including lost earnings.

What if I don't like the video ad?

You can report it to virool.




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New payment processors coming soon. We have been approved for some new payment processors the only problem is they are not integrated into our script. We are working on that. Paypal has been removed at their request. They seem to have forgotten that it was the little guys that made them big. Should you like to buy something let me know which paymen..Read More

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